Who can submit artwork?
Submissions are open to artists who create original, concept-driven work.

How many artworks can be submitted?
Each artist can submit up to 4 images.

Is there a fee to submit artwork?

Do you have any tips for submitting digital images of my artwork?
Artwork that has the best chance of being accepted are pieces that have been photographed with the best possible lighting, resolution and representation. YouTube provides good, instructional videos.

How do the jurors review the artwork?
Jurors will review all submissions online. Jurying will be blind, and will only be provided the image, title, dimensions, and medium description. Juror decisions will be based on the artwork, not the artist.

Are there size limitations?
No. There are no physical size limitations for submissions. However, be aware that outdoor exhibition spaces are 10' x 10', and must fit within that space.

Are there medium restrictions?
Yes. Submissions must fit in one of the listed medium categories. 

When will I be notified if my artwork is selected by the jurors?
Artists who submitted artwork will be notified through email by Jauary 7, 2020.

If my design is selected for the poster contest, when do I need to provide a high resolution file of the image?
On or before  January 6, 2020

If I'm selected to be an exhibiting outdoor artist, when do I need to pay my $50 booth fee?
On or before  January 6, 2020

What if I don't provide the high resolution file, or pay my booth fee by the deadline?
A design will be selected from an alternate artist, or my booth will be offered to an alternate artist.

What if I was selected to exhibit and I paid my booth fee before the deadline, but for some reason, I can no longer exhibit at the festival?
Notify the Art Committee ASAP! If we receive your cancellation notice on or before January 20, 2020, your booth fee will be refunded. However, if we receive your cancellation notice after January 21, 2020, your booth fee will not be refunded.

How long do outdoor exhibiting artists have to set-up, exhibit, and break down?
Selected artists can start unloading and setting up at 1:00pm. They must be total set-up by 3:00pm, and exhibit until 8:00pm. Artists then must be totally broken down, and re-loaded by 9:00pm. Volunteers will be available to help artists.

Does the festival expect a percentage of my art sales?
Nope. Exhibiting artists keep 100% of all their sales.